00 Flour Neapolitan unique

Enzo’s Pizza Dough (via Ken Forkish)

A unique version of Neapolitan pizza. This recipe produces a solid pizza but the real value comes from the techniques that Forkish shares.

Detroit easy quick unique

Giadzy Margherita Grandma Pizza

An exceptionally easy and delicious pizza that only requires you to adjust your expectations of what you think a pizza dough should look like.

Roman thick crust unique

Rossa Roman Style Pizza

After being very impressed with Reinhart’s Detroit style pizza, I had high expectations for this recipe. The result did not meet my expectations. With the biggest issue being an under-crisped crust.

disappointing thick crust unique

Blue Cheese, Balsamic Onion Marmalade, and Walnut Foccaccia

This pizza’s interesting combination of toppings can’t make up for its underwhelming crust and the extra effort it requires.

thick crust top-rated unique

King Arthur’s Crispy Cheesy Pan Pizza

The King Arthur team created a great, well-explained recipe that’s easy to follow and may teach you a few new techniques. If you’re after something a little outside the standard pizza classifications, give this a try. The recipe shows you how to create a thick, yet light and delicate crust.